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he's a hermit. thats kind of a job.


welcome back, suzy. we missed you.

jennie just left, we watched life is beautiful. i really do like that movie, it is terribly cute. however, i need to watch it at least once without reading the subtitles so i can actually watch the acting.

suzy, suzy, where the hell have you been?

i dont know why i have not been writing in here. i just have not felt like updating. but here we go, update! in regards to my last entry... yes, michael is taking me to winter formal. i am excited about that. very much so. he is such a wonderful person. he has a girlfriend now, but that is no problem. although, i wish he would be happier than he is now. today was actually kind of frightening. he said he was scared. very scared. i felt bad because i am horrible when it comes to helping. we have been talking online for the past few days, its not as great as the phone, though, because i cannot hear his expressions and stuff, and it looks really retarded when i ask a lot of questions online, it wasnt so obvious on the phone when i did that. michael is really great, he chooses the best of words when speaking. its subtly humerous. wonderful.

we talk about him, a little about me. we talk about sex. we talk about winter formal. he is afraid nobody will hear him. i told him i was listening. he asked if i would like to be his manager, he has a new band now. i had to throw a sales pitch, it was cute. i write him emails because they make him feel good.

about winter formal. rebekah and i decided what i was going to wear. i have my dress that i ordered. i have my shoes that i also ordered. and i would like to wear a pearl necklace and possibly a pearl bracelet or something. my mom and rebekah both think i should wear a tiara, because it would look cool, not tacky, on me. they are right. kristin is going to dye my hair black and put streaks of lilac (the color of my dress) in it.

i cannot wait. my first formal dance. (unless you cound 8th grade graduation, where i didnt dance with anyone).