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Freak Geek 1: dude, last night at 1:50, someone called my cell phone. but i did not get to it in time. then they called our house, and i did not get to that in time (my parents answered it...)


Freak Geek 1: i asked my dad this morning who called, and he said "wrong number... 'is m. garcia there' or something"

Freak Geek 1: someone was looking for michael

SWEET ADELlNE: woahhh...

Freak Geek 1: today, i told my parents that if anyone ever calls and asks for him again, that they should take down whoever's name and a number where i can reach them

Freak Geek 1: because i guess that i am not the only one who has not heard from him in a while

Freak Geek 1: which, of course, only makes me worry more

SWEET ADELlNE: but how did they get your number?

Freak Geek 1: i dont know

SWEET ADELlNE: maybe he left them lying around somewhere...

Freak Geek 1: honestly, i think it was bobby, and he (for some reason) got my numbers from michael while they were still in rehab

Freak Geek 1: but i dont know, because my parents are stupid and said "sorry, youve got the wrong number"

SWEET ADELlNE: well, it must be

SWEET ADELlNE: yeah, he probably hasn't seen michael in awhile either then...

Freak Geek 1: do you mind if i post this in my diary?

SWEET ADELlNE: why would i?

Freak Geek 1: i dont know. i just thought i should ask your permission

SWEET ADELlNE: hehe, okay. yes, i mind