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apologizes will not be accepted (only for your benefit)


i want to disappear. i want to vanish and i want to have people worry about me. would they worry? i am not toing to be modest and say that they wouldnt, because i know some people would. what about the others? would they worry? would they care? would they notice?

i want to start over. i want to totally restart everything and i want to meet new people (with the exception of that small handful i talked about last entry). everyone else, i want to start over. i am sorry. i apologize, really, i do.

i still think that living on an island by myself would be a good idea. it was a thought of mine a while ago, i really did want to. "but you always complain about being lonely, there is no way you could last on an island by yourself." exactaly. i probably would be lonely, but i wouldnt torture anyone with my complainings. see my reasoning? good.

oh yeah, i got a new layout. i like it.