when you leave:
wish list

before all after

i hope i dont get blisters


im sitting alone at jennies house. she is supposed to come home from the football game soon. with her, she is bringing 8 or so of her friends. i dont really get along with some of her friends. when they and i are both present at the same place... someone gets uncomfortable. them. AH HA HA HA HA. thats fun. so yeah, i tried to make jennie a cake. i couldnt find the butter in the refridgerator, so i used vegitable oil. i think i ruined the cake. i dont think its cooking all the way like its supposed to. it makes me sad. now all her friends can come over and make fun of me.


tomorrow i am going to see nerf herder and the mr. t experience at the warfield in san francisco. i dont know where the warfield is, i have never been there. i want to wear my rollerskates, but i dont think that will be safe. i love my rollerskates, i am still wearing them... i have been for about 6 hours today.

the end.

dear suzy,

learn to write better.

la la love you,