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today wasnt so hip. and it started late yesterday (yesterday night, around 10 or so), and went into early today (i went to sleep at 2. but that wasnt the end. it continued into my schoolday). some stuff happened, and i was very mean to someone. i feel really bad about it, too. really. i really need to be a nicer person. i will try to work on it, but i dont know. i cannot write any more about that in here because in order to be nicer, i have to stop talking bad about people and stuff. so... i dont think i will publicize the problems concerning others. or something.

on a much lighter note, i got my rollerskates from ebay today. they are super rad. they are blue and have red stripy stuff on them. when i get home, i will take a picture of them. i rollerskated up and down jennies driveway, and i skated in her garage, it was really fun. i just wish i had someone to rollerskate with (yes, i have someone in mind, but he is far away from me now).

i went to walmart with jennie with my skates on. you arent supposed to do it, but i got past the greeters. i almost made it all the way through my trip without being noticed, until i heard the ladies in the fabric department talk to the security people "yeah, they need you down by jewelry, theres some girl with rollerskates on" i took them off and put my shoes on (my shoes were in my bag). i then put one rollerskate in my bag (thats all that would fit) and the other one in the cart under jennies shirt. then we left. it was exciting. i am soooo smoooooooth.... you know, like that guy singing that song with santana.

by the way, ray is really great.