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i long to be beautiful and attractive. im not saying that i am horrid and hideous right now or anything, because--and trust me on this--i am quite cute sometimes. but seriously, i want to be pretty. thus, my little member name for diaryland. i want to be sexy and have a nice body, one that i am not embarassed about. i want to have people tell me "suzy, you are very pretty." i want a guy to come up to me and ask me "would you run away if i were to tell you that you were very beautiful?"

"you are pretty" he would say

"ha ha... thanks" i would reply

"no, really. please dont think me strange, but i think you are extremely beautiful. i thought maybe i would take a chance and come and talk to you."

"take a chance? what do you mean?"

"i was afraid that you wouldnt like me because... well, just because"

"what isnt there to like about you?"

"well... its just that you are so attractive, you wouldnt want to waste your time with someone like me"

"someone like you? thats crazy. come on, lets go driving"

and then we would get in my car and go driving to nowhere in particular. it would be nice and pleasant. im not saying that this would definately happen if i were pretty, but its one of the many dialogues that i like to play with in my head. i kind of do that a lot, have little dialogues in my head of what i would like to happen. i figure that since the chances of them happening are extremely slim, why not sort of act it out? please dont think me extremely vain and whatnot because i want to be pretty. i dont think that it would change me much, except for the fact that i might be happier.

actually, i dont really care much about physically being prettier, i just wish that someone would see me as attractive, as i see so many other people.

someone nice.